My passion for photography and travel called me to create in foreign lands. I loved roaming the globe documenting portraits and details of life from my adventures in South Africa, Uganda, India, and Bali. 

My love of words inspired me to pair each image with poetry to share what it felt like to live in the moments surrounding the click of the shutter.

The Traveling Moments Collection includes 3 editions of 8 pieces.

Black and white film photography of Paris (2003) with the Mamiya 645. Captured, developed, printed, and scanned by Tara B. Minted as 1/1 NFTs on Foundation.

Parisian (pictured above)
It was a spring morning in the Montmarte area of Paris. The streets were quiet, the city was still sleeping. As I approached, I saw a woman inside the right-hand window with her forearms resting on the sill while she chatted with the gentleman. I began framing the shot in my mind as I got closer. With my camera ready in hand, I stopped before them. At first, the gentleman didn’t notice me, but the woman did, and she slid back into the shadow. He turned his head, and I clicked the shutter. 

Captured in 2003 on black and white film with the Mamiya 645.

It is a privilege to contribute to the digital art renaissance on the blockchain, an archive of our history. Creating art is my peaceful protest against the system. 

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