Autoimmune Friends,

I See You. I Hear You. I Feel You.

My name is Tara B., I’m a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Creator, Compassionate Being, and Rest Advocate living with ulcerative colitis.

Living with Autoimmune Disease is tough!

After hitting rock-bottom with a seven-day hospitalization, the instability of an autoimmune disease was more than I could handle. I became an anxious overthinker, fueled by nerves and living in fear of the uncertain future.

I knew it was up to me to make peace in my mind and heart even if my body was unwell. I went in search of a practice to help me.

Mindfulness saved me; it was the balm I needed to help me nurture my whole self – mind, body, and heart.

I’ve created Mindful Autoimmune for you because I can’t wait to share these grounding practices that changed my autoimmune journey from one of fear to one of self-compassion and peace.

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Living with Autoimmune Disease

Is your mind running wild? Obsessive Overthinking…

Autoimmune disease can cause the mind to be anxious about the future. Constant worry about our health with thoughts like: will this flare get so bad I’ll have to be hospitalized, how will the body react to this food, how can I make it through the day? Not to mention, ruminating on the past: the steroids from the recent flare pushed me over the edge, last time I ate this I had so much pain…

Mindfulness helps us become aware of when thoughts are spiraling out of control. Simple practices help us intercept the loop of overthinking to focus the mind and feel grounded in the present. Living in the moment is our gateway to peace. And even if the present is a challenging place to be, there are ways to help cultivate calm. The Be MNDFL Masterclass will show you how.

Are heavy emotions like fear, shame, anxiety, and grief consuming you?

Let’s be honest, living with autoimmune disease is a roller coaster of emotions fraught with lows. Dealing with the physical ailments is tough enough, but the emotional and mental toll can totally overwhelm us. 

Mindfulness teaches us to open to emotions. Through practice, we learn the tools to attend to the difficult emotions so we can navigate the tough times with more ease.  We also learn to lean into the goodness in life, savoring joy and happiness. The Be MNDFL Masterclass may help improve emotional and mental resilience helping us respond to life with wisdom. 

Are you beating yourself up, being too hard on yourself?

Living with Autoimmune Disease is tough. Mindfulness can help ease the suffering by teaching us to be kinder to ourselves, to care for our struggles with softness. 

Student Love 

“I found the practice to be very soothing, peaceful and safe.  Your teachings I felt were very encouraging and apt and the way you delivered your words added greatly to the conducive environment for evolving to a new level. So thank you, Tara, for your trusted support and guidance.” – Natalie

“Thank you so much for all that you’ve shared with us. The knowledge that you have imparted has been a great help and I am using it in many different ways more and more each day.” -Michelle

“Wonderful and gifted guidance -practical and enlightening.” -Lucille