Tara B. (she/her) has twenty years of experience as a professional photographer. When she relocated from the United States to Australia in 2011 she expanded her professional pursuits. She became a teacher of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Tara’s NFT portfolio is a culmination of her practice, self-exploration, and imagery. She has¬†expanded the way she creates, turning static images and meditations into moving art forms. NFT¬†Art available on Opensea.io

Her meditations are featured on the Insight Timer Meditation App and Soundcloud. She teaches online and in-person workshops and courses.

Tara has a love for writing. Her latest essays are published on Medium.

She resides in Melbourne with her husband, Greg, and pup Winnie.

NFT Pop-Art Selfie Collection

Eye Spy NFT

View the entire collection on Opensea.