Mindfulness Meditations 

Meditation is simple. If you can breathe, you can meditate.

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meet yourself with kindness meditation

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Body Scan
Breath Awareness

Body Scan – helps to focus the mind and cultivate presence as you sense into different regions of the body.

Loving-Kindness Meditation – extend wishes of goodwill to yourself and others.

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Student Love

“Loved the body scan. I’ve done many, but never as engaging as Tara.” – Di

“Relaxing, peaceful, felt content.” -Cheryl

“Wonderful and gifted guidance -practical and enlightening.” -Lucille

“I am honored to learn my practice from such a beautiful soul with such a calming presence.” – Jane

“I enjoyed Tara’s voice and felt grounded.” -Thao

“I was feeling quite stressed today and this really helped me to relax.” – Jen

I am constantly surprised at what arises during my practice, it’s only when your mind is quiet that you know what your body is truly feeling.” – Sally

“Informative, engaging, beautiful teacher.”– Maria