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from My Heart to Yours

Live Practice

For Autoimmune Friends

30-minute practice
LIVE – Thursdays 6pm EST (usa) / Fridays 10am AEDT (au)

“Your calming energy and gentleness always makes me feel nurtured, giving me the opportunity to truly give in to the process.” -Sandy

“I found the practice to be very soothing, peaceful and safe.  Your teachings I felt were very encouraging and apt and the way you delivered your words added greatly to the conducive environment for evolving to a new level. So thank you, Tara, for your trusted support and guidance.” – Natalie

Digital Practice

Live Peacefully with Autoimmune Disease

Feeling overwhelmed, fearful or anxious?

◇ Feel Grounded in Uncertain Times
◇ Cultivate a Centered Mind 
◇ Stress Less, More Peace

Mindful Autoimmune has a simple daily mindfulness practice you can do anytime, anywhere to help feel GROUNDED.

And you’ll experience a beginner-friendly guided meditation to help the mind feel CENTERED.

“Loved the body scan. I’ve done many, but never as engaging as Tara.” – Di

“I enjoyed Tara’s voice and felt grounded.” -Thao